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September 2017

Differences between Resorts and Hotels: Make Proper Reservation for a Vacation

There are several things resorts and hotels have in common.

  • Both a resort and a hotel provide rooms to rent for a limited period of time. The rooms usually have a television, a telephone, an Internet connection, and room service.
  • Both hotels and resorts have a rating system in terms of starts. A higher number of stars means a higher level of luxury and ambience provided by the establishment.

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Gluten Free Apple Pie Baking Tips and Great Tasting Pie From Scratch

Good gluten free food is not always easy to find or bake. One has to get gluten free advice from experts. Often home-baked can be better than store-bought and offers an enjoyable time for anyone who likes to bake. As Thanksgiving comes and apples are freshly harvested, apple pie may be a fall favourite. For a worthy experiment and a gluten free treat, try this recipe for gluten free apple pie. Keep Reading