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When people go on vacation or business trips, they use brand name hotels. While these hotels are good for getting a decent nights sleep, they do not offer much more than that comfortable bed. Yet, there is an alternative if you are looking for something a little more than a bed and that is a Byron Bay boutique hotel. If you are looking for a place that offers a bed with friendly hospitality with a feeling of home, then what you are looking for is a boutique hotel. A boutique hotel is designed in a certain way, designed to a certain theme to give its hotel guests a welcoming feeling.



Amenities that the travellers may get in boutique hotels:

Boutique hotels can be found anywhere in the world. Although this is the case, many people are not as aware of them. Because when you turn on your television, you see commercials about families staying at a particular hotel as they travel. If you want to stay in a place that is unique, you will need to do some searching using the internet. You may not realize it but many of the antique homes that are fixed up in some countries are actually boutique hotels. There are several of them to choose from and many use the 19th century as their theme. These older homes in New Orleans can be used for something more than museums when accented right.

These Byron Bay hotels usually have the same kind of comfort and luxury that a person needs while travelling but the boutique hotels strive to do something more. Owners have boutique hotels use catchy themes to grab the attention of its guests. Some hotel owners will use the theme of where their hotel is located at, others will use an era or time period to create a unique experience. The rooms and hallways of some of these types of hotels have a black granite and cream travertine tile. That is not to say all boutiques base their theme on the local area. There are plenty of boutiques in cities as far away as Moscow and Singapore.

The reservation in boutique hotels:

If you find a Byron Bay boutique hotel you are interested in staying in, you should realize that a short notice reservation is likely not going to work. Most boutique hotels have a limited amount of rooms. They average out around 25 to 50 rooms. There are some boutique hotels which have over 100 rooms and others that have only three or four rooms to stay in. These small number of rooms allow employees to get to know their guests. Be sure to put your reservation in as soon as you know when you will be leaving on your vacation/business trip. While mainstream hotels offer plenty of extras, boutique hotels provide more.